Conejito (Little Rabbit)   oil 25x25 cm/10x10 in   sold

Curious Outlookers  oil 61x76 cm/24x30 in
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 Rouge-gorge   oil 20x25 cm/8x10 in   sold

The Walk   oil 46x61 cm/18x24 in

Hello-Bonjour   oil 15x20 cm/6x8 in   sold                  Siblings   oil 15x20 cm/6x8 in   sold

Un coq dans la neige   oil  50x40 cm/20x16 in

Young Deer  36" x 22" - 92x56 cm

Little Cat   oil 18x18 in/45x45 cm   sold

Warbler in the Morning Light                                       Cardinal on a Branch
oil  8x8 in / 20x20 cm                                              oil 8x8 in / 20x20 cm   sold

                                  Looking Out
                                                 oil 8" x 8" - 20x20 cm

Twins  oil 11x14 in / 27x36 cm   sold

Siesta   oil 12.5" x 20.5" - 32x52cm   sold

Northern Cardinal  oil 8x8 in /20x20 cm  sold

Having a Chat   oil 10x20 in / 25x51 cm   sold

Yellow Robin                                                             Robin
oil   8x8 in / 20x20 cm  sold                                     oil 8x8 in / 20x20 cm   sold

                                                                            oil 12x11 in / 30x22 cm  sold

oil 12x11 in / 30x22 cm   sold


Curiosas (Curious)
oil  17x3 in / 50x81cm   sold

Cat on a Blue Sofa
oil 12x19 / 30x48 cm   sold

Green Eyes
oil 22x12 in / 57x32 cm   sold

Chouette des neiges                                         Tufted Titmouse
oil 8x8 in / 20x20 cm  sold                          oil 8x8 in / 20x20 cm sold

Le coq
oil 12x9 in / 30x24 cm   sold

Toucans   oil 12x19 in / 31x48 cm  sold

Canadian Geese
oil 13.5" x 22" - 34x56 cm