Before creating a new landscape, I immerse myself there for a moment;
I breathe the air, feel the warmth of the sun, 
and enjoy the light on the fields or the vastness of the sky.

Then I start my adventure with oil and textures.

Grasses   oil 76x91 cm/30x36 in      available at Warehouse Artworks

Skydance  oil  51x75 cm / 20x30 in
available at Soul Gallery

                       oil  25x25 cm/10x10 in                                      oil  25x25 cm/10x10 in  sold

Light in the night   oil  25x25 cm/10x10 in    sold

Nancy's House   oil  42x71 cm/17x28 in   sold

Lights on the Water    oil  76x91cm / 30x36 in     sold

Manitoba Sky    oil  23x31 in / 60x80 cm   sold

Sonata   oil  36x30 in  /  91x76 cm

Wild Spring   oil 76x91 cm /30x36 in
available at Warehouse Artworks

Sunflowers I                                                                                                                        Sunflowers II
oil  76x50 cm/30x20 in  sold                                                                            oil  76x50 cm/30x20 in

First Gleam of Dawn   oil  31x39 in /  80x100 cm

Trees by Blue Water   oil  36x30 in / 91x76 cm  
Private Collection - Argentina

 Blue Field   oil 17x17 in / 43x43 cm
available at Soul Gallery


 Red Silo   oil 8x16 in / 20x40 cm   sold

 Plowed Field and Crows
oil 30x24 in / 76x61 cm   sold

Sunflowers at Dawn   oil  8x10 in / 20x25 cm  sold

Passing Storm    oil 24x30 in / 61x76 cm   sold

Reaped Field    oil 24x30 in / 61x76 cm   sold

 Ploughed Land    oil 30x24 in / 76x61 cm

Flax Field    oil 24x30 in / 61x76 cm    sold

Sunflowers at Dusk   oil 31x23 in - 80x60 cm   sold


Manitoba Prairie    oil 31x23 in / 80x60 cm


Water Tank - Winnipeg Beach   oil 80x100 cm / 31x39 in    sold


Coloured Boats   oil 18x29 / 45x73 cm  sold

River Across the Valley   oil 35x28 / 90x70 cm   sold

Evening Sun   oil 13x19 / 34x49 cm   sold

Cabin under the Trees
oil 24x36 / 61x91 cm   sold

Whispering Trees   oil 24x36 / 61x91 cm

Sentier    oil 24" x 36" - 61x91 cm
Collection of the Université de Saint-Boniface

Sol de invierno (Winter Sun)   oil 27x39 / 69x99 cm  sold

Facing the Storm   oil 10x12 in / 25x30 cm   sold

oil 7x11 / 19x29 cm   sold

oil 7x11 in / 19x29 cm   sold

Forest   oil 25x30 cm /10x12 in  sold

Back Lane    oil 16" x 20" - 40x50 cm   sold

Patagonia (Argentina)   oil  68x89 cm / 25x35 in   sold

Dacha    oil 8" x 10" - 20x24 cm
Private Collection - Belgium

Silent Cloud   oil 24.5" x 16" - 62 x 40 cm   sold

Winter Dusk   oil 10" x 16" - 25 x 41 cm
Collection of the artist Debora Cardaci

Sunday Afternoon   oil 25.5" x 18" - 64 x 44 cm   sold

Freshness in the Hill
oil 30" x 16" - 76 x 40 cm   sold

Nostalgia   oil 8" x 19.5" - 20x50 cm
Private Collection - France

Babushka   oil 25" x 18" - 63x44 cm   Private Collection - Argentina

In the Horizon    oil 19" x 29.5" - 49 x 75 cm

Field of Gold   oil 9.5" x 12.5" - 24 x 32 cm   sold

Windy Day    oil   39x30 in/100x77 cm   sold