still lifes

Sometimes the silent presence of daily objects speaks to me.
I see in them a beauty that I have to share.
I treat still lifes as if they were portraits of friends. 

oil  30x30 cm/12x12 in

oil  30x30 cm/12x12 in

Wild Flowers  oil  61x61 cm/24x24 in    sold

Repas  oil  46x46 cm/18x18

Still Life with Strawberries  30x30 cm/12x12 in

Garlic & Onions  30x30 cm/12x12 in

Nomeolvides (Forget-me-not)  oil  46x46 cm/18x18 in  sold

Reflection of Beauty   oil  76x76 cm/30x30 in

Memories  oil  76x76 cm/30x30 in

The Artist's Palette   oil  76x76 cm/30x30 in

Still Life with Yellow Cloth   oil  76x76 cm/30x30 in

Shadow   oil  30x30 cm/12x12 in   sold

Bottle & Garlic   oil  51x40 cm / 20x16 in

Red Scarf & Boots    oil 16x20 in / 40x51 cm

Onions   oil  15x20 cm / 6x8in

Green & Red   oil  15x20 cm / 6x8 in

Red Apple and Other Fruit   oil  16x20 in/40x51 cm

Cuillères en bois (Wooden Spoons)
oil  16x10 in / 41x25 cm   sold

Wooden Mortar & Pestle   oil 10x16 in/25x41 cm   sold

Fleur de Lys   oil  14x10 in/37x26 cm

Silver Pitcher With Orange Spot                                            Still Life with White Cloth
oil  18x10 in/25x20 cm                                              mixed media 14x15 in/35x38 cm

Bottle & Lemon
mixed media 11" x 8" - 30x18 cm

Chair Under the Sun   oil   30x25 cm/12x10 in
Private Collection

White Flowers                                                 Flowers in a Vase
oil  40x30 cm/16x12"                                        oil   35x25 cm /14x10"

Blue Pear  oil 12x12 cm/ 5x5"   ● sold                  Green Apple  oil 12x12 cm/ 5x5"  ● sold

Cebollas y ajos (Onions and Garlic)  oil  23x30 cm /9x12 in
Collection of the Artist

Costura interrumpida   oil  23x30 cm/9x12 in  sold

Arreglos en casa   oil  23x30 cm / 9x12 in

Canasto y hojas secas (Basket With Dry Leaves)
oil  30x23 cm/12x9 in    sold

Bottle and Lemons   oil  23x30 cm / 9x12 in
Collection of the artist Debora Cardaci

    Jarrón amarillo                                                          Mis pinceles
   oil  30x23 cm / 12x9"                                           oil  30x23 cm / 12x9"
Private Collection - Argentina                               Private Collection - Argentina

Manchas con frutos   oil  23x30 cm / 9x12 in   sold

Mis libros (My Books)  oil  23x30 cm / 9x12 in    sold