Artist Statement

My paintings seek to express

that intimately perceptible life force within.

It draws me in, whether I find it in the miracle of nature,

or simply in everyday objects.

The strength hidden in the changing, complex and fragile reality

is my muse.


I strive to have my art convey that sense of beauty

and energetic harmony that I experience.



Bibiana Vidal Curell was born in Argentina, moving to Belgium with her family as a teenager. After graduating from High School in Brussels, she traveled across Europe (Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Holland, England, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland).
It was during these years that painting evolved into the great passion for Bibiana that it is today.

Vidal Curell obtained her University Degree in Sociology, while living as a nun, and began working in social work. She participated in several prominent artistic workshops in Buenos Aires.

Bibiana found herself working in Social Services and living in different provinces. This afforded her the opportunity to sketch and paint a variety of plein air rural scenes and landscapes.
During this time she continued to travel to Italy, Greece, Israel and Republic of Turkey.

In the search for painting subjects, Bibiana went to Belgium and Russia, studying Art History and the Russian masters. This became the seminal moment in Bibiana's life - she decided to become a full-time artist. The spark that she had nurtured for so long burst into a roaring fire.

In 2000 Bibiana had her first solo exhibition in a professional gallery and received her first recognition as a professional artist.

In 2002, she visited New York consuming the masterworks in the Metropolitan and Guggenheim Museums, and the Frick Collection.

In 2006, Bibiana left her beloved Argentina and Canada became her home.

Her paintings, primarily oil on canvas, are filled with light and intend to express the spiritual energy that emanates through the effect of light on the subject. 
They have enjoyed exposure in solo and group shows and can be found in local, national and international collections.


2018  Goup Show, Vital Connections, Warehouse Artworks, Winnipeg  

2015  Solo Show, Still Lifes & Landscapes, Grollé Fine Art Gallery, Winnipeg
2013  Summer Exhibition, Gallery in the Park, Altona - Manitoba
2013  InspiRED, Cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg
2012  pARTage/ArtShare, Duo Show, Université de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg
2011   L'art en partage, Duo Show, Université de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg
2010  The Untitled Art Show, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg
2010  Smallworks Plus, Birchwood Art Gallery, Winnipeg
2009  Group Show, Gallery in the Park, Altona
2009  Fall Show, Birchwood Art Gallery, Winnipeg
2008  Glimpses and Glances, Duo Show, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg
2007  Group Show, The Vault Gallery, Winnipeg
2006  Group Show, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg
2005  Polo Recoleta-Solange Martinez Gallery, Buenos Aires (Arg)
2004  Solo Show, Landscapes, La Mision Gallery, Buenos Aires
2004  Expoclasica, Palacio San Miguel, Buenos Aires
2004  Sheraton Hotel, Buenos Aires
2003  Russian Views, Duo Show, Alicia Brandy Gallery, Buenos Aires
2003  Solo Show, Argentine Landscapes, Alliance française, Belgrano (Arg)
2003  Michelangelo Studio Show, Casa de la Cultura, San Isidro (Arg)
2002  Group Show, 9 Salon de pintura, Scientific Foundation, Vicente Lopez (Arg)
2002  Contemporary Argentine Art, Art Master Gallery, Praga (Czech Rep)
2002  Group Show, La Casella, Umbria (Italy)
2002  Juried Show, Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires
2001  Solo Show, Daily Impressions, Alliance française, Martinez (Arg)
2001  Juried Show, De Las Naciones Gallery, Buenos Aires
2001  Arte el Portal Gallery, Caballito (Arg)
2001  Group Show, Loft Espacio Alfa Gallery, Buenos Aires
2001  Group Show, Liga de Madres de Familia, Buenos Aires
2000  Group Show, Ateneo Popular de La Boca, Buenos Aires